Corruption and Role of America in Afghanistan


Newly, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has issued a report which shows that the corruption has bloomed to an immense level  in Afghanistan after the incursion of America in 2001. American government invested billions for betterment of Afghanistan’s financial state but failed to maintain a balance and checking its transparent use which increased corruption.

“Corruption in Conflict”: The report is concerned with how the U.S government examined the condition of corruption in Afghanistan by since the time of its invasion in 2001, steps taken to improve these conditions and the outcome of these steps. SIGAR was established by the Congress and was working as an unbiased organization without any pressure of any government’s department and any other agency. So, it has presented a fair analysis of the mistakes made during the reconstruction projects in Afghanistan.

The report presents five major points.

  1. The increase in the outrage against the Afghan government and financial support of the Revolts caused the weakening of the U.S mission.
  2. American Government invested about 10 billion dollars on Afghanistan’s development but poor control and short time practice made the corruption even stronger.
  3. At first, the U.S government had many other problems to solve, so proper attention was not paid to corruption.
  4. When the government realized the harms of corruption, the political and security ambitions became the barriers in lowering down the corruption.
  5. Only in a few areas, the steps for decreasing corruption showed positive outcomes where the afghan government was weak and assisting U.S dedications.

The report reveals the facts that Corruption has penetrated in the roots of Afghan government and corruption now has become a regular routine of their jobs. Controlling the corruption requires the assistance of politicians and government officials but they are showing maximum resistance because

Corruption is a source of great advantage for them. Corruption is being performed not only for personal desires but also for family, tribe or any other specific group of people.

Before the arrival of the American military, the government, security, and financial conditions were worse but in 2001, the conditions became worst. The main reason is that financial aids were more than the requirements of afghan financial requirements and most of them were lawful through different contracts which were not properly checked. Information provided regarding the financial issues were also mostly wrong.  According to Afghan businessmen, corruption is supported because of poverty and insecurity issues.

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