Yoruba Movie Actor Mufutau Sanni, a.k.a Ajigijaga, Allegedly Passes on at Age 60

Ajigijaga mufutau sanni

If the news making the rounds is anything to go by, then the popular Yoruba movie actor-cum-producer Mufutai Sanni Abdulahi, popularly known as Ajigijaga, may have allegedly passed on at age 60.

Nigerian-News’s editors could not independently verify this at the time of writing, but the news is agog all over the internet.

Ajigijaga was best known for his hardy, dare-devil roles, and his tough-looking mien and hardened face gave credence to his thug dispositions in Yoruba movies. He was also always casted in crime roles.

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Born on July 15, 1955 in Ogun State, Mufutau began acting in 1980; and he engaged in event planning when not at locations shooting a film.

The name “Ajigijaga” stuck with him when he acted the role of a thug and dare-devil criminal in a late ’80s movie.

The president of The Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria, Saidi Balogun, has allegedly confirmed the death of the veteran Yoruba movie actor.

imageOn November 24, 2012, Ajigijaga married his 26-year-old heartthrob Taiwo Hassan when he was about 53 years old. The marriage took place in Sango Otta, Lagos. When asked why he chose to marry a young lady that was age-mates with his children from an earlier marriage, Ajigijaga in his characteristic way said:

“The issue of age is nothing here. What we have in common and that is abounding is love. Though I have other children from my former wife whom I did not actually marry legally, my new wife means the whole world to me. This is my first time of getting married in life. I love her and she loves me, and that is all that counts. It`s about love, not age.”

The cause of death or events surrounding his alleged death has not been confirmed yet.

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