Xiaomi Redmi Pro having Dual Camera is the New Smartphone Trend this year.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro(Credits : Xiaomidevice)

With the change in technology, smartphone companies are bringing innovation in features and design. We have seen so many trends in smartphones this year. Xiaomi Redmi Pro having a dual camera is the new smartphone trend this year. As Huawei and LG already are in this field already they have introduced dual cameras already. We even have heard rumors that Apple is going to do this Upgrade within the close to future.

We are all aware that Xiomi is selling Segways, drones, bicycles nowadays. However, we cannot forget its primal products: mobile phones!

Nowadays, this Chinese company introduces us to Xiaomi Redmi Pro, the newest Smartphone.

This Android 6.0 device has got some of the amazing and alluring features which differ it in so many innovative ways, from those they made in the past. Xiomi included new OLED display and a dual-camera. This low-cost Redmi line is better in so many distinctive ways than Mi Line. Relax if you wonder what the price is because it is only $225 or 1,499 yuans.

You can find it in so many colors: you can choose golden or silver brush metallic. That’s not it. If you choose this package you can get 5.5-inch 1080p OLED display (with full NTSC gamut), as well as a fingerprint reader and 5 – megapixel camera (front camera is included, as well).

Using this android you will be able to change its focus point even after the photo is taken. You won’t make a mistake by purchasing this phone – it has got a dual tone LED flash, as well.

However, this time, it is Chinese Product line Xiaomi that’s next in line with a dual-lens camera installed on its Redmi, which is that the standout feature on its new Redmi pro smartphone. This is going to be amazing as feedback from customers have shown that they are waiting for Xiaomi to introduce this amazing thing in Redmi Pro.

As for the functions of these two lenses is concerned, both cameras will perform completely different tasks on the Redmi pro smartphone. The top lens, that could be a 13-megapixel Sony provided IMX258 sensing element, takes still pictures as was have normal cameras in our existing smartphones.

But here we have another camera which is usually not available in existing smartphones. So what do we do with this other camera?  This is a 5-megapixel Samsung lens beneath takes exhaustive of field info. What will this mean? The background in your photos will be blurred out, to administer that cool “bokeh” result that’s sometimes reserved for DSLR cameras with special lenses.

Redmi Pro is an exceptional addition to the existing range of Redmi is said by Xiaomi. its chip is 30 percent faster than other media Tek deca-core processor.it has 4GB Ram to help users though some models with 3GB RAM and also 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB internal memory are also available. If you choose 32GB model it will give you 3GB RAM with Helio X20 chip while other models will help with Helio X25.

Colors choice is present one can easily choose in Gold,Silver and in Dark Grey.Redmi Pro cost is from $225-$300 according to space and storage.Date to release it is not confirmed yet but it is certain that it will not be available outside CHINA or XIAOMI.

The battery that is used by this phone can be charged very fast by USB Type – C-port and it is similar to those in Redmi 3S. Besides, Redmi Pro can be used for controlling your TV or some other device.

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