Xbox One Summer Update is Already About to be Presented to the Users

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Already this weekend Xbox One’s summer update is presented to its users. It is about to take some days for some users to get the patch, but the update delivering Cortana, background music and more features are already is on the way to the users.

The summer update is the same collection of features pushed to Xbox One Preview done in early June. There are two great: inclusions are Background Music and CortanaAs about game collection window it has been cleaned up and made more practical, particularly concerning installing and updating games.

Background Music supports the Pandora app, which soon presented be on Xbox One. Later is planned that on Groove Music and iHeartRadio will join them. (Spotify will not join as now it can be reached only on PlayStation 4). As its title says, Background Music lets gamers play their beloved tunes together with the game on Xbox One.

The feature of background music is highly demanded by users, this gives you a possibility to listen to your favorite music in the background at the time of playing on Xbox One. The Pandora app which is about to be launched is the first apps that will maintain Background Music, with Groove Music, iHeartRadio,  together with the other apps planned to come soon.

We all know Cortana very well, we all enjoy it and now players can get pleasure from voice commands on Xbox. Cortana is available on Xbox One in the US and the UK. In addition to this, there is more information and accuracy with ordinary language and text transcript.

Cortana provides the possibility to use headphone or Kinect,  and now You’ll not only make use of Cortana to find great new games, you’ll also have a possibility to see what your friends are doing ,you can even initiate a party, complete shared tasks, turn on your Xbox One if you’re making use of  Kinect, and  much more.

 Microsoft recently announced that as part of their vision is to have Cortana as personal digital assistant for gaming, and they will continue to build and improve more Cortana features.

Improved Game Collection:  To let the Cortana to work quicker and easier and to find and install the games you’re looking for, there is designed a new Game Collection interface. You can now arrange, complete and easily see more about your Game Collection.  All this can be done quickly and you can access your own ‘Ready to Install’ tab, you have a possibility to update your games or apps with the help of new ‘Updates’.

In new update patch the company has enabled Language Region Independence, in order to give players even more power over their Xbox knowledge, all this is done due to immeasurable followers’ feedback. Language Region Independence allows the user to choose any featured language on Xbox One, and this is done not considering of your place.

Currently, they have started to conglomerate the best of the Xbox Store and Windows Store. This will give players a particular concrete experience from all their devices. On Xbox One, company has used the shopping practice to help users to find the games they love quicker and at the best rates.

With these summer updates now you’ll have a possibility to filter search results by category and read reviews written by related players. These are about to those who voted “most helpful” by the Xbox Live society. You can also easily find out what brands are on sale for you currently, you can also cross out pricing in lists of the price part. There are many new networks which can help you to learn faster just the content you love.

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