Xbox One Price Dropped to $250 by Microsoft Before Slim Version Launch

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Microsoft has slashed down the price of Xbox One third time after its launch. This summer we have massive heat strokes everyone wants to go inside of the room and want to play games using their Xbox one console.

If you want to do the same Microsoft has made your life easy. Now Xbox one price dropped to $250 by Microsoft before slim version launch which is going to happen in August.

When for the first time Xbox has launched it had $550 price. Then the price was discounted two times after its launch for users. Now today Microsoft dropped the price to $250 for new Xbox one, which means that price has been dropped to half of its original price.

Microsoft has already announced to launch new Xbox one S which would be slimmer from this version on 2 August 2016. This news came after the Xbox one S launch news which means that clearly Microsoft is making shelves free from previous versions and it is creating a market for the new version which is going to launch soon.  About this discount Microsoft said earlier that

“It didn’t give an end date for the offer, only that it’s good “while supplies last.”

So we don’t have an end date for this discount, all the previous discounts by Microsoft had end dates and offer was closed on those dates. But now there is no date which means company wants to sell all the stock of the previous version of Xbox One at a nominal price. So that they can launch the new version and can earn enough profit with the new launch.

New Xbox one S has few added features one it would be smaller than this version, second it won’t be having any external power supply. This means there would be the built-in power supply in Xbox-one S. that is pretty helpful and amazing thing introduced by Microsoft. Microsoft has always surprised us with innovation and technology this time again we cross our figures. Because games lovers want to see a lot more in the new version of this gaming gadget in addition to these two upgrades.

Rumors are that in Xbox one S version the new slimmer console can actually play 4k resolution media. We really hope that this news is true about the new version of Xbox one S.

We all know that PS4 has been a strong competitor for Xbox one with high-quality products and features but its price has never been dropped below $349. With this price cut, Xbox one is going to gain huge market share.

The new version will be 40% smaller than this one and it would cost us $299 to purchase one Xbox one S. Now I’m sure this can be a problem for Microsoft. From user’s feedback on this news, it is clear that most of the customers are not going to spend $250 on the previous version if they can get the new version in just $299 after few days.

If you are a game lover and you always wanted to get Xbox one at a reasonable price, plus you don’t want to get lasts version then this is the right time for you. Hurry up and get your new Xbox one today.

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