Woman Divorces Paralyzed Husband, Marries His Best Friend So They Can Take Care of Him Together

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It’s not every day that you encounter a story like this, such a special and loving level of marital fidelity. In China, the wife of a paralyzed man has lawfully taken a new husband, his best friend. However, they married to now care for her true love.

In 1996, Xu Xihan and Xie Xiping got married, then they had a daughter, and then a son; their lives were rained in happiness. However, in 2002, their lives were turned upside down-  Xu Xihan got caught up in a devastating accident which paralyzed the lower portion of his body. As compensation, he was awarded 40,000 yuan ($6,000) although he can no longer walk. What’s worse- the neighbors began to tell him that his wife will leave him in three months. Fortunately, his wife disappointed the naysayers, and throughout the years the family has stuck by him.

Still, Xihan wanted his wife to continue to be happy, believing that shouldn’t in his condition. So, He began compelling her to divorce him- to find someone who would attend to her and the family appropriately. But Xie never lost hope- she loved Xihan too much and continued to resist his demand. Then after seven years of Xihan’s pleading, she at long last divorced him- marrying his best of friends, Liu Zongkui.

In 2012, after three years of marriage to Zonkui, she gave birth to his son. All the while she had never neglected her paralyzed true love. In a twist, the new married couple looks after Xu Xihan and the three children jointly.


Now the family of six are all happy- Xihan is glad his love was able to discover such a loving husband, while seeing his children grow up as well, and Xie can take care of her ex without his pressuring her. Love isn’t always so normal, but it’s usually extraordinary!




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