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Windows 10 First ‘Redstone 2’ Test Built Released by Microsoft

Redstone 2

So Desperate for the new build? Well good news Microsoft has started unveiling the first windows 10 ‘Redstone 2’ which is built for the insiders on a very fast ring for the PC. It contains a lot of small improvements and changes also as compared to the last public preview build, it was the updated RTM for the windows 10 Anniversary.

But with the newest built Microsoft is kicking off with a new wave as Redstone 2 is expected to be the next most major update for the windows 10 in the upcoming year of 2017.

So here’s something new:

In order to educate the people more about the features on windows 10 we are testing the new notifications present within the file explorer. Which are designed to help the customers in providing access to things they can do also the new features quickly and easily so they can have a good experience while working on windows 10.If they want to select to go out of these notifications they can do this by unchecking the “shoe sync provider notifications” option in the menu in the view tab of file explorer.

Known issues:

A workaround has been made which will be posted in the debugging tools for windows blog for the support for kernel debugging option which had been previously removed but will surely be available in the fore coming kit release again.

Another issue is that the Adobe Acrobat Reader crashes when the user tries to launch it.

The built has just started coming out now so we don’t see it up-’til now it’s nothing to be worried about as its likely to be propagated though out the whole windows update servers. All we need to make sure of is that we are in the fast ring otherwise we won’t be getting all these new bits.

On the 11th of August Microsoft made the newest and first Redstone 2 of the windows 10 available to all the PC testers on the Fast Ring.

The officials have acclaimed that the first few of the Redstone 2 were just under cover works and did not contain any brand new features. As for the Redstone 1 also known as the update for the windows 10 anniversary Microsoft had planned to make OneCrore tweaks a priority for the newest few insider test builds along with Redstone 2.

The only new feature that was supposed to be found in the Redstone 2 was the new notifications present in the file explorer which was supposed to provide the users with information and educate them about things they could do with the windows 10.

On the 11th of August a blog post by Dona Sarkar who is a Windows insider the support for kernel debugging has been removed from the newest build and the problem with the Adobe Acrobat Reader still persists.

Dona Sarkar acknowledges that Microsoft has not released the RTM version for the windows 10 mobile anniversary update until now to the users. And also the fact that the team is ready to deliver the RTM version of Windows 10 mobile anniversary to those who have phones compatible for it.

Microsoft has acclaimed of this fact as well that the test build for PC’s for the windows 10 Redstone 2 testers will come before as compared to the builds for the windows 10 mobile users.

The officials also say that the feature update of windows 10 also known as the Redstone 2 will not be available until sometime in the upcoming year 2017, this is what the sources have been telling. ‘Redstone 3’ is also expected to be a deliverable of 2017.

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