Windows 10 Anniversary: 10 Update Features For Users

Windows 10

Microsoft windows 10 just announced that company is going to update some awesome features for users who are using windows edge on 2nd august as a birthday present.

That is very cool are always wait for some innovation and technology by Microsoft and they never disappoint their customers.

These features include windows ink and Cortana as main updated features. In addition to this updates has been made by Microsoft in Microsoft edge browser, advance updates have been made in security and protection for individuals and organization who are using Windows 10 but they are facing information security problem. Updates also include new games and tools which can be used in classrooms for teaching purposes. And the best part is that you will be getting all these updates for free because this is birthday present by Windows for its valued users.

On their official website, Microsoft said that they are thankful for those customers who have upgraded to Windows 10. They further said that they have received reviews from customers and these reviews showed that windows 10 is better than any previous version and customer satisfaction are the only important thing for the company.

The company has estimated used hours on Windows 10 and according to them, there have been 135 billion hours of use on this awesome Windows 10 which shows that customers are enjoying using this new version of Microsoft. New updates have been made based on customer’s feedback. All those problems have been solved by customers who were previously faced by customers and some new features have also been launched in Windows 10 on this anniversary day of Windows 10.

These updated are made for users to make them more productive in their work and customers will stay safe online while using Windows. In addition to this some features are for fun use, so now using Windows 10 is all about fun and productivity. In addition to these updated features, there are six different areas of innovation and improvements in updated Windows for loyal Customers. Below is a brief detail of updated features.

Windows Protection:

We have 250 million threats online and windows are always making an effort to protect us from these bugs but previously we faced some issues with security especially firms who are doing their business online and they had problems to protect their data. Now windows made an effort to protect us from these bugs. Special software has been installed with new features and updates to protect individual and firms from bugs and threats. Previously these bugs were causing users to lose their online data now with these updates data risk has also been minimized.

Cortana with Huge Memory Power:

Now Cortana has better memory power and she is very responsive. You can now access Cortana on the lock screen and previously there were delayed responses from Cortana but now with these updates.

According to Windows

“Windows Ink Brings the Power of Windows to the Tip of Your Pen”.

Windows ink is really an awesome feature in anniversary updates you actually get to draw on your screen with ink.

Isn’t that amazing?

Well, we appreciate all the updates and features by Microsoft for users but there is a bit of problem that users can face that is hardware requirements. Microsoft should make sure that users have hardware requirements before installing updates.

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