We are not gay! Mugabe Tells Obama at UN Summit

Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe addressed the United Nations Summit a few hours after US President Barack Obama addressed the delegates. Mugabe among other things told the delegates Africans are not gays, and decried in strong terms the United States attempt to foist gay rights on Africans.

“We equally reject attempts to prescribe ‘new rights’ that are contrary to our values, norms, traditions and beliefs. We are not gay! Co-operation and respect for each other will advance the cause of human rights worldwide. Confrontation, vilification and double standards will not,” Mugabe said.

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“In that regard, we reject the politicization…and application of double standards to victimize those who dare to think and act independently of the self-anointed prefects of our time.”

President Obama had made it certain that the US would not hesitate to deploy military force anywhere there is crisis in the world, most especially in the light of the crisis going on in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, and in the Middle East.

But President Mugabe countered by saying that most of these crises would not have degenerated to its present levels if the US had not intervened in the politics of other nations. Then he zeroed in on the sanctions imposed on his country.

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“I therefore denounce, in the strongest terms, the illegal sanctions that are imposed on my country by the European Union and the USA and call for their immediate and unconditional removal. We don’t know what wrong we have done to the United States, and can they leave us free and independent to do that which we want to do,” Mugabe said.

“We don’t want war, we don’t want interference, and we don’t want to hear of regime change at all. Once more, I put it on record that my country is desirous to live in harmony with all countries – big and small,” he said to general applause.

Then in a more direct manner, Mugabe said the conflicts in the Middle East and the resultant refugee problems are not without US adventurism in the area.

“In the Middle East, the suffering of the Palestinian people continues unabated. What does Mr. Obama say about that? We reiterate our unwavering support to the just cause of the Palestinian people. Do we agree Mr. United States?”

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