Warri Billionaire, Ayiri Emami, Enrolls Majek Fashek in Abuja Rehabilitation Home

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Nigeria’s popular reggae crooner, Majekodunmi Fasheke, popularly known as Majek Fashek, has been admitted for rehabilitation at an undisclosed rehab facility in Abuja following the intervention of Warri billionaire, Ayiri Emami, who vows to foot all the bills.

Billionaire Emami is the CEO of 911 Entertainment and used to be a big fan of Majek Fashek in the late 80s and early 90s when the Send Down the Rain maestro took the world by storm. Sources reveal specialists were flown into the country to decidedly work on Fashek whom many believed to be dying from drugs abuse.

Fashek held concerts in the United States and throughout Europe with his band, but since his deportation from the US nearly a decade ago, he had steadily sunk into drugs abuse and what many allege to be spiritism. He had since been divorced by his wife, Rita Majek, and was seen roaming the streets of Lagos a few weeks back living from hand to mouth.

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This is not the first time attempts had been made to check the talented reggae musician into a rehab facility, but he had often disappeared for months on end to escape being forced into rehabilitation; and he confessed recently of being scared of rehabilitation centres.

“I’m scared of rehab” said Majek Fashek. “Let me tell you what I did to escape the rehab. God gave me different knowledge of orisha, babalawo knowledge. My ancestral knowledge, which is what I’m using right now. I drink akpeteshie. It’s the orisha idea I got.”


Several men of God had tried to deliver him from spiritism and his involvement in demonism without much success. After leaving a prayer session with a revered man of God who advised him to go to rehab on July 8, Majek said he would consider a rehab after he releases his new 10-track album titled “Gangster Rasta.”

He even said he will soon be collaborating with music raves Olamide, 2face, and Wizkid among others on upcoming albums.

“I don’t want to get depressed. Jesus is my Hero, my Lord and Saviour. He is the one that has seen me through up to this level. I told them to wait until I have released my record. I no wan enter hospital now, before somebody go inject me with bad injection,” Majek Fashek had said.

Although his estranged wife, Rita, has been going on TV stations and on social media to raise help for her ex-husband, Majek Fashek blamed the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) for their separation, saying “It was the Celestial Church that confused her. They gave her wrong vision about me. The celestial church can’t try me any day, any time. I will attack them. I will burn them. I am equipped spiritually.“

And in what might reek of mental instability, he once accused the Nigerian media of haunting and hounding him, and even running him aground.

One of his former band members and a US-based musician, Monica Omorodion Swaida, had been struggling effortlessly to organize a fundraising campaign to save the washed musician through GoFundMe, an American crowd-funding platform.

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“I had the opportunity to go on tour with Majek Fashek in Africa and Abroad. I played on stage with Majek last in NYC. Majek was compared to the late icon Bob Marley. He was one of the greatest singer and guitarist in Nigeria. He came to America and even went as far as singing in David Letterman’s show. Majek put Nigeria on the map when it comes to music,” Swaida had written.

“The family of Majek just recently got their legal papers in America and can now travel. But they need your support. They can’t do this alone. They have not been in Nigeria for over 20 years. But they want to help their dad now,” she continued.

“I will personally go with the wife, Rita Majek, and the first son, Randy Majek, to Nigeria to join others fighting for this cause to help Majek. Please fans all over the world, let us help save this legend while he is still alive. God bless those reading this. Amen!”

At as at the end of July this year, only $2,983 had been raised out of the $20,000 needed for the campaign to save the dying man.

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