UN Agency said Nigeria Shows The Will To Politically Improve Tourism

UN Agency said Nigeria Shows The Will To Politically Improve Tourism

Taleb Rifai, the Secretary-General of the UN World Tourism Agency (UNWTO) praises Nigeria’s gesture of national determination to advance the nigeria in tourism in the twenty-first century.

Politicians and citizens of Nigeria have come to understand the beneficial impact that tourism can play in a country, especially one that needs an influx in its economy. And what better way to meet the budget than with tourist monies.

For decades there has been a host of people who have wanted to travel to Nigeria, and take great interest in its culture, they have watched the optimistic progress occur and are starting to visit the country first hand in fairly major way. The Nigerian people will be able to share their storied culture and heritage with the world directly.

According to vanguardngr while tourism currently only generates about 10 percent of global gross domestic product (GDP), as well as employs one in  eleven workers, the idea of being able to take care of itself by tapping into its own natural wonder makes all Nigerians ecstatic.

The UNWTO enthusiastically acknowledges successful steps Nigeria has made to improve not only its own path but a path to improve the whole continent of Africa, perhaps even the world.

While giving a talk in Madrid, Spain, Taleb Rifai, reiterated the policy, financial, and protectionary state of affairs that make up Nigeria. Despite the country coming out of a tough situation, the Nigerian government has converged to take a staunch look at its current issues.

With the crushing blow given to Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria, as well as the continued encounter with militants at the Delta of the Niger River which the federal government has been handling; Nigeria maintains its secure position whereas other neighboring countries aren’t doing quite as well.

With these successes, there has been a deliberate push to revive the President Council on Tourism (PCT), which is the supreme council in regards to tourism. Alhaji Mohammed identified Culture and Tourism as a prime segment among the rest which makes up Nigeria’s effort to broaden its horizons economically.

The Secretary-General of the UN World Tourism Agency continued by stating that the UN agency has made plans to take a trip to every area recognized in the Tourism Master Plan. The trip is to encourage and rekindle the plan as well as boost tourism within Nigeria.

A key aspect of the UN’s backing will come as advancement, whereby technical assistance will be provided, specifically within the fields of data gathering and processing, in addition to constructing modern buildings to meet the needs of the growing tourism movement.

With Mohammed’s direction, the PCT and UNWTO are developing a Women’s Tourism center in everyone Nigeria’s six major regions, noting that when women are empowered everyone in the society is empowered. What’s more, the UNWTO’s assistance is most welcome in the nation.

Taleb Rifai was joined by other officials at the meeting while at the Nigerian Embassy in Madrid, as well as the Ministry of Information and Culture. While in Spain the UNWTO Secretary-General had also pledged to act closely with Nigeria in order to draw up a program that will enact a major stimulus in Nigeria’s developing tourism sectors.

With time and a concerted effort with the UNWTO, Nigeria, and Africa as a whole will stand upon its own legs in the coming century.

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