Two Killed in Civilian Army Clashes in Kashmir Valley Still on Curfew Despite Eid

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Two Killed in Civilian Army Clashes in Kashmir, Valley Still on Curfew Despite Eid

The clashes between the people of Kashmir and the security forces are showing no signs of slowing down and as a result, it has been the first time since independence that Kashmiris have observed Eid under strict curfew. The Indian forces have not let their grip go weak as they continue to hold all 10 districts of Kashmir valley. Two people were killed during the clash with security forces and many were injured in the process.

It is an estimate that 60 civilians were severely injured while two have been declared dead in these clashes. It is the 67th day since the curfew has been imposed in Kashmir and the death toll in these clashes has now reached at 81. Internet and data services have been stopped since the imposition of curfew.

Today two were declared dead. One was a 19-year-old boy who died due to a tear gas shell and the other one died as a result of pellet gun injuries.

For the first time in 26 years, Eid prayers were not held at the important Idgah and Hazratbad shrines but were offered in local mosques. It is reported that there were no such celebrations of Eid as the markets, bakeries and shops were closed and most of the roads were empty. People have been confined to their homes as a result of the strict curfew. The shepherds who were there for selling their goats and sheep reported that there were no customers and this was the first incident where they had to take their cattle back homes without selling. It’s the first time since independence that there have been no celebrations for Eid instead blood was shed on this sacred day.


The call for restrictions was made following the reports that some of the organizations are planning to march to local UN offices.

The incidents of clashes began after the death of Burhan Wani, who was killed by the Indian security forces. This strike is also being fueled by the deaths taking place on the daily basis, which is causing an increase in rage among people of the Valley. More than 10,000 have been reported injured in clashes between security forces and the citizens.

Security forces have strict orders and they have been posted in the sensitive areas of the valley which have a history of violent protests. The security forces are trying hard to get the condition under control, but it’s been 68 days and things seem to be getting out of control instead of calming down. Security teams have been patrolling in the valley and are not letting people gather in order to avoid any strike. Drones and helicopters are being used for Ariel inspection.

Disputed Kashmir is a conflicted region between Pakistan and India for the past 60 years and has resulted in two savage wars among the neighbors. Some organizations who want freedom from India and want to merge with Pakistan are the main reason behind this curfew.

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