Two days left To Rio 2016 Olympics; nearly two million unsold tickets are left

Olympic 2016

In a late attempt raise low ticket sales ahead of the Aug. 5-21 games, Rio Olympics organizers have made their local ticket website available to the rest of the world. This means that fans who live outside of Brazil now have a possibility to buy tickets at home rates in Brazilian reals.

The result of all this is ticket prices which could be much lower as a result of inconsistencies in exchange rates between the real and other currencies, and also the lack of so-called service costs charged by official ticket resellers working outside of Brazil.

On Tuesday Rio ticket director Donovan Ferreti announced to the Associated Press that it is a great deal for a person coming to Brazil, and now the exchange rate is for their help.

Now mainly Americans would regret because of having bought early.

Rio organizers made an agreement more than a year ago with official ticket resellers working outside of Brazil and who wanted to charge in dollars. According to that agreement, the exchange rate of 2.35 reals to the dollar will be used while charging for tickets.

But now the rate is nearly3.25.

It means that a ticket charged purchased from the American reseller CoSport at 500 reals, would cost about $215.
In addition to this, authorized dealers are also permitted to gather up to a 20 percent service fees on ticket sales.

Nowadays exchange rate, that price is about $150 – and there is no additional service fee.
As Ferreti said one could see the price in reals, without extra costs, and had a possibility buy directly on the website.

He announced that the website has been open to all starting from June 1.

Rio organizers will introduce 100,000 new tickets for sale. Ferreti assumed that was about to be the last consignment. It is about to happen on Thursday, by local time starting at noon.
As Ferreri ensured they had tickets for all sports, so it’s a good chance for people around the world to buy tickets for the Game.

Ferreti declared that Rio had sold 4.4 million out of the 6.1 million tickets existing, which makes 72 percent. He said that of the 4.4 million tickets sold, 1.1 million had been purchased by non-Brazilians. He named the largest five foreign buyers in order: Americans, French, Argentines, Germans, and Japanese.
He informed that he was not allowed to give precise numbers because of a contract with the authorized ticket sellers.

Ferreti said that the ticket sales were increasing day by day, and he announced that Rio expected to meet its budget estimation of raising 1.045 billion reals ($320 million) with the help of ticket sales.

As Ferreti mentioned, they were selling many more tickets as the Games are approaching. He expects most places to be full, or nearly full, and also pointed out that Brazilians naturally are late buyers.

He announced that the Rio organizers had no plans to give away tickets, even in cases when the places are not full.
He said that there is not going to be any free tickets

After the 2014 World Cup Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes claimed to give for free 1.2 million tickets of the Games to students and the poor. In the end, the city purchased about 47,000 Olympic tickets, which makes only4 percent of his promise.

Head of the Rio Managing Committee, Carlos Nuzman, mentioned in a speech at the weekend that smaller crowds would be suitable.

He said that they needn’t too much public adding that smaller venues would save money in case of having fewer spectators.

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