Trailer Released; Get Ready For Battlefield 1 Open Beta

BattleField 1 Open Beta(Photo: DICE EA)

DICE Summit announced that Battlefield 1 open Beta will start at the end of August and access to Xbox 1, PlayStation 4 and P.C. you will play it with first people of the world who play this game if you sign up early to 21 August so you have received early access. If you already the insider, you should select your platform preference otherwise you are not able to get your code to play earlier.

Overview on Map:

In official trailer, Battlefield 1 Beta consist of a map of hot Sinai Desert which located on the east of El-Jifar also include skirmishes in the streets of the village and the dogfights above exalted cliffs. In this map, which is of Behemoth’ vehicle of a deadly ironclad train. the video trailer highlight exclusive feature of the game, discover what is actually the Sinai Desert look like, fighter man, Ariel fights, and power of armor train. Get ready for the whole story of Battlefield 1 beta.

Modes OF Battlefield 1 beta:

There are two modes available for play.

  • Conquest: A wide-scale mode of 64 players. It contains all key part of the game and fighting for the key objective.
  • Rush: A 24 player mode in which fighting between attacking force and the defending force.

About the Character of Battlefield 1 beta:

A leading designer of a trailer Daniel Berlin talks about the battlefield 1’s campaign. He said that he focused on different stories, tales and different characters and personalities across the worldwide. One of the characters that announced in the video trailer will be Bedouin women warrior. In the teaser, she was running in the ground and attacker wants to kill her, but they not succeed and women were killing the assailant .

How to Get it Early??

It will launch out globally on 21 October 2016 for Xbox 1, PS4 and PC, there are many ways to play it early. If you want to play before 18 October, its sound very good that you can buy the ‘Early Enlister Deluxe Edition’ which contain the Hell fighter Pack the Red Barron Pack, the Lawrence of Arabia Pack and five Battle packs all these packs can available at the rate of £69 which is less than the standard edition. Same like that Xbox One EA Access subscriber will get a trial week of Battlefield 1 earlier than anyone else.

The standardized rate for Battlefield 1 is £44 on PC and £49 on Xbox One and PS4. Collector’s edition also available for console players that contain 14in collector’s edition statue, impressive steel box, attractive cloth propaganda poster, a deck of cards, messenger pigeon tube with exclusive DLC content, patch and premium packaging at a cost of huge £179.when you will buying a Collector’s edition you should note that it doesn’t include the game, According to Amazon US listing at the cost of the $129.99 Collector’s Edition you can only get 14in statue, a steel book, a cloth poster, a deck of playing cards, a messenger pigeon tube containing DLC, patch and premium packaging but it doesn’t contain any package of game same like the previous one.So the choice is your get ready for the heartbreaking game battlefield 1 beta.

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