Titanfall 2 Beta Not Available For PC’s, Dates Teased

Titanfall 2(Image: Titanfall.com)

The upcoming Titanfall’s 2 multiplayer beta is not coming to PC’s as claimed by Respawn Entertainment today. Instead of this, it will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The co-founder of Respawn and the CEO Vince Zampella said in a blog post that the studio is going to hold the beta to test its servers and validate if they can scale as intended. The studio just needs a platform to test this as the server backend is per-platform as claimed by Zampella.

For a good sanity check, it can be checked on more than one platform, but we really do not need to test all of them to make sure, if we are on a good path or not for the launch as said by Zampella.

The current generation consoles and games have become heavily online ever since they have been launched, the developers have turned to open and closed betas in order to test their games with the players. These betas only include a snippet of the content but they also allow the players to whet their appetites for the games and enable the developers to test their servers and game engines.

Betas are now a tradition for the first-person shooter games and players are naturally excited for the upcoming beta of Titanfall 2 especially the console gamers. It turns out that the Titanfall 2 beta in not coming out for the PC gamers only just for the players of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

According to a recent news post, the people from Respawn Entertainment have shared their reason and it seems like the Respawn is aware of the fact that the PC players like to review the code that comes with the beta games to see what more they can unveil about the upcoming title so keep that from happening with the Titanfall 2 single player campaign they have decided to hold off the PC gamers from this beta.

So this means that this campaign of Titanfall 2 is stronger than those campaigns found in the other first person shooter titles. Although such single player offerings are run and gun fests which usually lack in compelling the storyline, gameplay as well as interesting characters.

The Titanfall 2 beta also known as the multiplayer tech test as per what Respawn calls it is skipping the Pc players mainly for two reasons, one of which includes the hardware variety and optimization for the minimum specs machines.

A lot of tweaks and changes are still being made to the renderer and the effects so we haven’t yet run the game through the lab to check its hardware compatibility and also see what variety of hardware it can handle such as the video cards and CPU’s etc. as explained by Zampella. He also said that we are ready to deal with such things yet so we are still making the game better.

Zampella and Respawn have not yet done enough work which would support the Titanfall 2 on the lower specification rigs.

He also said that so the PC game is not as easy to throw out for testing currently as compared to the console because the additional variables and configurations are still needed to support it.

According to Zampella, the releasing of the Titanfall 2 beta on the PC might lead to some stories and secrets originating from the ‘wonderfully curious PC players’. The PC players have proved in the past that they will do probably anything to dig out further anything they can find out so there is a risk that they would spoil some of the single-player.

The executive also added to this and said that he fully understood that this is a ‘big disappoint’ for the PC players but reassured that he is sure of the fact that the Respawn team will come up with a great experience for the PC players as well. The start date for the Titanfall 2 has not been announced yet.

The Titanfall 2 beta is scheduled to be launched on the 28th of October for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and PC. During the Gamescom, the Respawn will broadcast the live multiplayer match which will feature a number of gaming personalities.

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