Sundar Pichai, Chrome Browser Developer, Takes Over As Google’s CEO

Google CEO sundar_pichai

While Google has succeeded at establishing a new holding company known as “Alphabet,” the search engine giant as announced the appointment is Chrome browser developer, Sundar Pichai, as its new Chief Executive Officer in a low-key affair on Monday.

Google’s co-founder Larry Page is stepping down as CEO for Pichai to take over.

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Pichai joined Google in 2004 shortly before the company announced its IPO, and he started as a product manager but soon grew to working on new versions of the Google tool bar, until he was appointed to head the team that developed the Chrome browser which launched in 2008 and became a favourite of internet users globally.

The phenomenal success of Chrome browser cemented the technical and administrative skills of Pichai, and he later oversaw the development of Gmail among other Google apps, until he was announced the head of Android – Google’s mobile-phone operating system.

“He’s a very very strong opinionated person who has clear point of views about where product and initiative might go, but he’s very good at letting other peoples’ opinions emerge before he gives his own,” said former colleague Keval Desai, now an investor.

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“Google has politics like any other large company, and Sundar navigated those politics to make his team successful while inflicting the least possible damage on any other team,” wrote longtime Google product manager Chris Beckmann.

Pichai has a master’s degree from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School; and of course, he is a soccer fan from Tamil Nadu state in southern India.

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