Autopsy of Suicide Squad’: Reason to why Wonder Woman’ depends upon DC’s Movie Universe

Suicide Squad Movie(Image: Screenrant)

After watching Suicide Squad we have noticed that due to the rash behavior of Warner Bros in catching up with the Disney’s Marvel-verse so they want to fix up the drop-off now and not screw it up Wonder Woman.

With this drop-off now even the most devoted fans are being forced to accept the truth that Warner Bros. is running out of competition with the rivalries. Before this happened there was hope that WB has hope and opportunities to rise up again and that they had a vision and solid plan to make it back to the top of the charts again but the battle of Burbank is becoming one-sided now and their only chance to make it back again into the competition i.e. 11 DCU movies by 2020 they really need to start working on it to increase the audience.

WB and DC have had a major drop off  thrice with their previous films and now they really want to make it up back to the top with Disney and MCU. Disney with its Marvel Machine by Kevin Feige has its audience strategies already acted upon on and is a success whereas MCU is on their way to success, they have had a very tough time on gaining the trust of the audience but now with their amazing box office hit which is made on Avengers clubhouse of merchandised  and superpowered heroes they have finally made it to the good books of the audience.

Warner Bros. and DC have disappointed their audience with their film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the movie showed a clash between the two most popular superheroes from the comic books. Also with their absolutely boring film Man of Steel, they have started going down the road. Last week Suicide Squad was released which was supposed to provide them with their comeback on the box office but it all resulted in a big mess again with 26% rotten tomatoes and a real drop off of ticket sales from Friday to Saturday estimated to be about 41%.

It is totally intelligible in terms of cinema that the forecasted criminal team managed to sell out and be its best, sold out to women and minorities. Harley Quin appeared to be the most ravishing character even eviler and dirtier than the Joker. And because this character is such a success they should not let it fade away rather make it a symbol of attraction for the audience so they can stay up on the charts. This character is driving the fans crazy not only is trending at the ComicCon but also is a hot topic.

Suicide Squad written and directed by David Ayer and produced by DCU Shepherd Zack Synder has been a failure in the box office there are a number of reasons for the failure as told by the Armchair quarterbacks. One of the reasons is that the Warner Bros machine that had put the license onto release before an audience strategy had been decided and of course there was a media scheme with it too that persuaded that the delusional fanboys had been disrupting the DC movies from the beginning.

Hollywood Reporter autopsy by Kim Masters covers in on the behind the scenes confusion that would enclose all the secrets found out that an irrationally small scripting window and an opposing edit due to which the infamous trailers met with a little rash tone and the clashing in tone of the studio filmmaker may provide a more clearer vision as said by Kim Masters.

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