Student Kills Himself Over Euro 2016 Final

Euro 2016 FinalFidel Nikitin commits suicide over a £2,300 bet

Just as Portugal defeated France in the Euro 2016 final, a graduate student committed suicide; he wagered that the host nation would win the match. This major bet was intended to wipe the slate clean of all his major debts that he owed.

Fidel Nikitin

Fidel placed on France a bet of £2,300 to winning the tournament

Fidel Nikitin, a young man, ended his life once it was clear he had lost everything. The bet he had made with his buddy covering the Euro 2016 final matching France and Portugal, they were betting the results would have been different. Sadly for him, they weren’t.

If France won the finals, the 27-year-old expected that his wager of £2,300 (about N862,270) would erase his prior losses. Unfortunately, Portugal shattered his dreams upon thrashing France’s native team.
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Once the final was over at 1-0, Nikitin, a cell phone retailer, living in Izhevsk, Russia, post a message: “Thank you and forgive me” on his social media story.

Local Russian police reported that he had made his way onto the Ludzya-Izhevsk railway tracks and remained steadfast as an oncoming train sounded its warning. Fidel had made his decision to end his life by being hit by the oncoming train.
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The marathon final carried on into overtime, Nikitin’s surviving family mentioned that the young man was deeply shocked as Eder received the game altering goal after 109 minutes; when that happened it drastically changed the outcome- allowing Seleção to win. France attempted frantically to reclaim their lead; however, they were unsuccessful as goalkeeper Patricio denied their shots.

With this ending; Nikitin knew there was no way he could afford his outstanding loans. He had backed himself into a corner by taking out multiple advances. With Portugal’s win meant he would be powerless to repay them. He had so much riding on France winning the game to satisfy his current major losses.

Source: Naij , Mirror

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