Stella Oduah’s Maid has N2.5billon in her Account EFCC Discover

Stella Oduah's maid

Recently, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has uncovered an account with a large cache of stolen funds

The EFCC believes the account, which was opened in the name of a housemaid, contains N 2.5 billion.

Stella Oduah, a former aviation minister, currently serves as Senator to a district in Anambra.

The EFCC had begun investigating the account and found it been launched by Stella Oduah. However Oduah had listed her maid on the paperwork as the account owner to mislead searches; should anyone investigate the holder.

EFCC contacts detailed how the account and its massive deposits were made and functioned without the maid knowing anything. The EFCC revealed Oduah had run it using the maid’s name and ID.

Furthermore, Sahara Reporters claims that the EFCC discovered her campaigning top officials of the administration to make her trial go away. The week before, she had attempted to sway the EFCC with a meeting trying to use her clout as a politician.

Sahara Reporters also reported that those in the EFCC who mentioned this deceptive account had also exposed how Ms. Oduah was the only signatory of the account. Although they were still figuring out how she was able to launder the money so well.

With this investigation, the EFCC now suspects Oduah may have already stolen N 5.6 billion from the aviation ministry budget while she was in office there.
Stella Oduah, now senator in the National Assembly, represents a third of Anambra state

Stella Oduah's maid

Men of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

Members of the EFCC readying to apprehend Oduah

While the ongoing battle versus corrupt politics has moved forward, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, gave a talk two weeks ago reiterating that there are various methods in place to reduce and rescind fraud, bribery, dishonesty, and vice within Nigeria.

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