State of Indiana Finds No Evidence That Planned Parenthood Sells Foetal Tissues

protesters at plannedparenthood

Following two videos that went viral last week in which undercover agents accused Planned Parenthood of selling foetal tissues after abortion procedures had been carried, the US State of Indiana has declared that it could not find any evidence of wrongdoing after launching extensive investigations into the incidents raised in the two videos.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on July 16 ordered investigations into whether Planned Parenthood had violated any federal laws in selling foetal tissues when most news media carried the news; but no concrete evidences of wrongdoing could be seen in the facilities operated by Planned Parenthood in Bloomington, Merrillville, and Indianapolis.

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About 12 other states have also commenced investigations into whether the family health organization sold tissues of aborted foetuses after the videos surfaced last week – in which two top directors of the organization spoke with agents who posed as buyers of tissues from aborted foetuses.

Republican committees are also sitting on the case, and have vowed to invite the directors involved in the matter to appear for a hearing. Republican legislators even demanded that the federal funding offered to Planned Parenthood be scrapped on account of the development.

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Meanwhile, several presidential candidates including Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and others have all vowed to get to the bottom of the debate.

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