Starvation Crisis Hits IDP Camps in Borno


A picture paints a thousand words and now photographs have surfaced of settlements of internally displaced people (IDP Camps) plagued with hyper malnutrition.

From May 23rd to June 22nd nearly 200 purportedly have died, predominantly of malnutrition and diarrhea.

Doctors Without Borders determined that within the last year over 1,200 infants and toddlers have passed away.

Borno’s efforts may not withstand the hyper starvation

The hunger crisis was brought on by provisional scarcity in Borno’s IDP camps

The photographs portrayed weakened young children- so thin their bones show through the skin.

The United Nations has indicated that about 50,000 children may die of starvation this year alone.

Children are the majority victim in the IDP encampments.

Governor Kashim Shettima has called for an inquiry concerning government officials enriching themselves by profiting off supply directed towards IDPs.

The governor also took a walk through of an IDP settlement on Wednesday, June 15, after inadequacies and poor care were reported.

Fortunately due to his trip, 61 people were taken to the ICU at the Umaru Shehu Ultramodern Hospital.

Most Northeastern Nigerians have already fled their homes because of Boko Haram’s insurgents- who over 7 years continue to wage a war against the state in order to prop up their caliphate.

Over the 2015-2016 year an alarming 1,200 kids succumbed to the poor conditions.

During his visit Governor Shettima sought an ordered an examination of politicians officials who may be skimming resources away from the IDP camps.

Many of the people in the settlements are northeastern Nigerians who have been living day to day because Boko Haram has terrorized their homes.

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In the current situation just thirty days in the settlement can lead to as little as 188 people dying- typically from hyper starvation.

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