Samsung Agrees It Mocks Apple; but Gives the Reasons Why

Photo Credit: AndroidGuysPhoto Credit: AndroidGuys

There is no denying the fact that companies are always on each other’s throats out of competitive interests, and they engage in subtle smear campaigns to gain accelerated public relations awareness at the expense of their rivals.

Funny enough, top players in mobile technology also engage in this play – and a top Samsung executive Younghee Lee, has admitted her company mocks Apple, its greatest competitor, out of higher industry ideals, CNET reports.

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Lee is a top-shop marketing executive at Samsung, and she noted that her company “relentlessly pursues” the right concepts and practices in technology, and that Samsung’s communication programme reflects this idea. “If we think it is right, we pursue it relentlessly,” she had said.

Samsung’s Lee took a jibe at Apple customers who buy Apple products because of design and trend, saying these have to constantly recharge their iPhones as a reflection of its quality.

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While noting her company’s objective of keeping the Galaxy relevant forever, she added that “The virtues of our brand are engineering, openness, freedom in mindset, purposeful innovation, multiculturalism, vibrancy, being inviting and inclusiveness.”

Incidentally between the two mobile tech giants, Samsung has Lil Wayne as its spokesman while Apple tasks Jamie Foxx to be its mouthpiece in the entertainment industry.


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