Russia Suspends U.S. Plutonium Deal amidst Disagreement


Russia Suspends U.S. Plutonium Deal amidst Disagreement

Russia has suspended a deal with the United States on the plutonium disposal from decommissioned nuclear warheads as a consequence of the cold war between Russia is claiming “Hostile action of USA” as the main reason behind this decision.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said “the radical change in the environment, a threat to strategic stability posed by the hostile actions of the U.S. against Russia, and the inability of the US to deliver on the obligation to dispose of excessive weapons plutonium under international treaties” is the reason behind the suspension of the deal.

Although Russia has pulled away from the deal, Russia said it would not use the material for any military activity, research or in the production of new weapons.

Russian Parliament will still have to approve or disapprove of the suspension of the deal. Leonid Slutsky, expected to be the new head of the Foreign Relations Committee, said this problem will be a priority for the new parliament. This bill proposed by Putin says the deal would not be suspended if the U.S. government takes effective steps to eradicate the reasons behind this suspension.

The bill also demands rejection of the self-appointed Magnitsky law and those authorizations which are against the Russian people, companies and areas. These laws were imposed by the U.S. due to the Ukrainian crisis. The U.S. must also compensate Russia for all imposed sanctions.

The Magnitsky Act is a bipartisan U.S. law passed in 2012. This law was made to punish those Russians officials who were involved in the death of a lawyer, Sergey Magnitsky. Magnitsky, a lawyer for a British investment fund, was in Russian custody for tax fraud. Russia demanded the U.S. explain what plutonium would be processed according to an agreement. It appears Russia is not satisfied with U.S. reprocessing model of plutonium.

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