Rolls Royce Self Driving Cars is no longer a thing of the future


You know those awkward eye-contact moments you have with strangers at red lights? Those cringe-worthy moments may be no more.

Rolls-Royce has released their idea for an all new driverless car and it’s sleek as hell.

But looks can be deceiving because even though we have a picture perfect idea, the details have not been fully released.

That, however, hasn’t stopped Rolls-Royce from getting everyone head-over-heels of what could be:

The 20-foot long model showcased in the video is the 103EX, has a silk covered sofa for lounging, and instead of the familiar steering-wheel, you’ll face a see-through glass display screen.

Imagine what Siri’s fancier distant cousin would be like and there you have Eleanor, the artificial intelligence personal assistant, who is there to take you where you need to go.

Since a self-driving car wasn’t futuristic enough, there’s also a holographic internal display that forms the car’s logo seemingly out of nowhere.


Rolls Royce

For those of us wondering about the practicalities, luggage is held behind the front wheels, which seem to have taken on the form of a serious transformer, and the engine can be found in the boot area.


Rolls Royce

If you’re crushed because you know your piggy bank doesn’t have enough cash for this, don’t worry. You have around three decades to save your money or sell your belongings or win the lottery.

What a tease. Maybe the future isn’t as close as we hoped.

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