Rio Olympics 2016 RUSSIA DOPING CASE

Rio Olympics 2016 RUSSIA DOPING CASE

Rio Olympics 2016 RUSSIA DOPING CASE: From the start of July 2016, we have been listening to Russian doping news from media. An anti-doping agency gave a report that had all the proofs needed to ban Russians from Rio Olympics 2016.

From the start of this controversy international Olympics committee hasn’t shared much about this incident. The whole world was waiting for the decision from the International Olympics Committee. Whether Russians teams are going to participate in Rio Olympics 2016 or not? Recently Committee has taken   its decision after getting all the evidence about the case. This was shared in IOC session held recently.

According to theguardian 1n the opening speech at the IOC session, IOC president Thomas Bach asked the Russia to live up to its obligation of a total and full reorganization if anti-doping system but discarded calls for a total forbid on Russian athletes.

He said that the disqualification of Russian Olympic Committee had been named by some the “nuclear option”, and so the guiltless athletes would have to be called as ‘collateral damage.’”  He added that not considering that such a comparison was totally out of any proportion when it came to the rules of sport, let for a while thinking about the results of the ‘nuclear option.’ The result could be death and destruction. And this was not what the Olympic Movement was for.

The IOC President marked that the Olympic Movement was for life and the creating an improved future. This dream of a better future for and throughout sport was what guiding the IOC. That dream included itself a more reliable and competent universal anti-doping system.

Paying attention to the report bringing confirmation of a state-sanctioned doping in Russia; the IOC Executive Board decided on 24 July to set up strict selection criteria for Russian athletes looking for taking part in the Olympic Games Rio 2016. The policy eliminated the assumption of virtue and in its place requires Russian athletes to show that they have not dishonored anti-doping rules.

President Bach noticed that the result made Russian athletes bear the group accountability for the supposed failures of the government, but gave them a chance to show their personality purity.

The IOC president said that with that step of respect for nature justice, they also send an optimistic note to clean athletes in Russia that they can be successful exterior such a system. If the athlete is clean, he must be appreciated and rewarded. He added that the athletes could fan and must follow their Olympic dream as a decent athlete.

The IOC President urged IOC members to come together at the back of an attempt to further make stronger efforts to defend clean athletes.

He said that the engagement, not separation was the input to make a functioning and healthier world anti-doping system. If all put in this will then the painful situation can become a moment of catharsis in the war against doping.

The IOC Session overpoweringly showed its hold up for the IOC Executive Board’s choice on 24 July relating to the membership of Russian athletes in the Olympic Games Rio 2016 by a show of hands, with just one member making resistance. The similar vote also reaffirmed the central beliefs behind the Declaration that coma from the Olympic Summit on 21 June.

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