Rio Olympics 2016: Closing Ceremony what is Going to Happen?

Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony(Photo Credits : Vox)

So we have been enjoying Rio Olympics 2016 from last so many days. There have been many exciting events and games. It has got fame all over the world despite so many problems with management and Russian doping it went well overall. And now sadly it is about to close. We have gathered information for our readers to get an idea about the Closing ceremony of Olympics. Here is all you need to know about it. We have gathered some frequently asked questions about Rio Olympics 2016 and we have tried to get the best and accurate answers to these questions for our readers. So let’s read below.

When does Rio Olympics Ceremony start?

 So the first and most frequently asked question is when the closing ceremony of Rio is this year? Its closing ceremony will commence at 6 p.m. Time zone is Brazil Standard time. It will take place at Maracanã Stadium. By the way, we want to tell our readers that the opening and closing ceremony of Rio Olympics has the same timing. So closing ceremony will start at the same time as the opening ceremony was started. You can watch live coverage from NBC and hopefully there will be other channels for live coverage as well in your countries.

Who is going to be host speaker at the closing ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016?

 We all have seen Rosa Magalhaes at the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics. She is a Brazilian professor of scenography. She has won hearts of millions of viewers at the opening ceremony of the games. The good news for her fans is that she is going to perform on the Closing ceremony too. Rosa Magalhaes is famous carnival designers in the Brazil’s history.  I’m sure Brazil will be proud of her as she is going to perform again on the Rio Olympics closing ceremony.

 What performers are going to come and what special is going to happen?

Surely we are all excited about the special performs and to see celebrities at the closing ceremony of Rio Olympics. As queen was the guest of the owner at the Rio Olympics opening ceremony and she surprised the whole world with her special Visit to the ceremony. So who is going to come at the closing ceremony? We all want to know this but unfortunately, there has not been even a single announcement by the management about the special appearance of any guest of or any performance. So nothing is disclosed until now by the management. But there are rumors that Brazilian culture is going to be the focus of attention at the Closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics. As on the opening ceremony, there were performances about the culture of the nation. So this time again Brazil is going to depict their culture showing wonderful performances. There is going to be lots of music, and off how can we miss the parade of athletes? We just hope that it is not boring again as the parade has always been the boring part of the ceremony. Abel Gomes a Creative supervisor says that the closing ceremony of the Brazil is going to celebrate

“All that’s best in Brazil.”

At the end flag of Olympics will be transferred to the Yuriko Koike, governor of Tokyo by the IOC President Thomas Bach as Tokyo is going to host 2020 Olympics.

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