Rio Olympics 2016: Banned Athletes of Russia Get own Tournament

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Rio Olympics 2016 is officially going to start from 5 August 2016 to the 21 August 2016 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. The ceremony is going to start at world famous football stadium. Though the world is happy about the event, everyone is excited to watch most awaited ceremony of the gaming world, but at the same time, Russia is facing the problem. Because Russian teams have banned from the Olympics international committee, for unlawful gaming techniques.

In Rio Olympics 2016 banned athletes Of Russia are going to get their own tournament. Russia has arranged an event called as “stars2016” for banned athletes who are not allowed to participate in Rio Olympics 2016. At these games, position holder and other athletes who were supposed to participate in Rio Olympics will participate.

More than 135 athletes are going to participate in “Stars 2016” and will compete at Moscow’s Znamensky Brothers Stadium on Thursday. Games will hold under the supervision of Russian national coach Yuriy Borzakovskiy.
Borzakovskiy gave his statement to Russian news agency, TASS saying that.

“They include Olympic champions and medal holders as well as less renowned athletes forbidden to compete in Rio”

Now this news is a surprise for the whole world. We want to tell our readers that entire Russian teams were banned from participating in Rio Olympics last year. This year banned for partially removed for few teams but still there are so many teams which are strictly banned from participating in Olympics 2016 for an indefinite period.

International Olympic Committee punished all 387 Russian sportsmen and women in the tough and strict possible way of punishment. This was done after exposures of Russia’s state-sponsored doping program for Olympics; this news shocked the whole world.

Russia has corrupt history is the field of this kind of activities for games. The corrupt track and field representatives of the country have already been excluded from the Games and lost anxious legal challenge to change that conclusion.

The most momentous in Olympic history, which are making decisions today, exclude Russia’s medal hopes in cycling, judo, wrestling and all other disciplines excluded from competition because of this scandal.
The argument involved President Vladimir Putin’s sports ministry handing out cocktails of steroids and covering up contaminated urine models ahead of the 2012 London Olympics.

Besides eliminating Russian athletes from the forthcoming Games, senior IOC wants to ban for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. A person who is in Olympic procedures declared the MoS:

‘The IOC want to ban Russia to show doping is an assault on the whole of sport.
‘That effectively means expulsion from Rio. But Thomas Bach (the IOC president) also wants to give consideration to the rights of individuals.’

It is agreed that the Committee, led by Thomas Bach (pictured), will ask all the organizations liable for individual Olympic sports, the international federation, to observe the personal qualities of prospective Russian athletes, to evaluate and understand if they can take part in the Games extraordinary cases.

So, a small number of Russian athletes who train abroad, subject to rigorous anti-doping measures and noticeably free of Russia’s sphere of corruption may be offered a helping hand to play in Rio under a neutral flag.
For the rest of the players who have banned from participating in Rio Olympics are going to have their own “Stars 2016” games.

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