Data-Mining Reveals Massive Amount On Battlefield 1 Info


It’s little surprise that this was arriving – presently Battlefield 1 is making its way in a private pre-beta release, that had some intense mining done to it.


Beware what you’re reading now gives info away left and right. It appears as though just about all key elements of DICE’s WWI shooter have been leaked. We repeat this article will strip you of a clean playthrough.



Redditor, Lobix300, deserves all due credit for compiling the inclusive everything-list that discovered by the data-miner(s). At release, the game will offer ten multiplayer’s over lands as well as seven types of gameplay.

It’s shaping up to resemble Conquest, as well as Rush which is to be coupled with the new modes: Possession and Breakthrough.

Take a look below at the files for traces of what to anticipate.




The campaign will likely be carried out in six episodes. Each episode is then also in several unique chapters. In all probability, the episodes will concentrate on distinct characters from all sides of the globe.

DICE in the past pledged to deliver a varied course. If they didn’t, it would be a huge shock. Although this being the situation, the character’s names that have been mined already; like Finch, McManus, Townsend, Pritchard, Edwards don’t look very thought out.

The data also reveals an inventory of thirty-seven weapons, as well as a thorough examination of dog-tags types.

And there you have it, every morsel that we know. Find out more by visiting the Reddit post.

Battlefield 1 comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 21- but a beta will inevitably arrive prior to that date.

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