Release date of the Google Nexus 2016: News, Rumors and Everything You Should Know

Google Nexus 2016

The Nexus program gives birth to a brand new Android smartphone every year, sometimes even two. The idea of Google Nexus is to promote Android in its purest form, far away from the interference of manufacturer skins.

Nexus has given rise to many great devices over in the previous years but recently has faced competition in Android handsets being offered by the rivals. Nexus does not always go toe to toe because the manufacturer flagships are fighting to be the king of the spec sheet most of the times. There has been an exclusion of some of the features such as the micro SD card slots which show that compromises have been made.

Most importantly Nexus gives Google a chance to claim what Android actually is. As 2016 is probably about to end we are looking forward to the next Nexus phone which is rumored to be bringing a lot of big changes and updates.

Release date of Next Nexus 2016:

Google’s Nexus devices always arrive in line along with the latest version of android and the chances of that changing is slim to nothing.

Keeping that in mind we don’t expect the new Nexus to arrive anytime before the end of this September. Both the phones the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P were announced on the 29th of September 2015 to be released in October so we can expect a timeframe similar to that for the 2016 Nexus devices.

The Android Nougat has appeared to be far more ahead than the other previous versions so the software might be completed as soon as possible. The timeline that Google has claimed off is still around the fall or autumn and we are expecting the handsets of Nexus along with the launch of Daydream VR hardware as well.

Manufacturer of Next Nexus 2016:

Currently, there are two models of Nexus Smartphones. The Nexus 5X which is cheaper and smaller in size out of the two available and is manufactured by LG. The other one is Nexus 6P which is larger in size and more premium and is manufactured by Huawei.

Rumors suggest that the manufacturer of the next Nexus will be HTC. My Drivers has claimed that HTC has signed an agreement with Alphabet which is the Google’s parent company to manufacture Nexus devices for the next three years. This idea was also supported by Evan Blass who is sure of the fact that HTC will be making Google’s next Nexus devices currently being called as the M1 and S1 internally.

The Android police backups the codenames provided in a separate report and claims that M1 refers to Marlin and S1 refers to Sailfish. There are continued rumors about Marlin and Sailfish which keep on adding weight to the arguments that HTC is the real manufacturer of Google’s next Nexus devices and that is probably a good thing after the good reception of the HTC 10.

The reports have claimed that Huawei will be involved after a statement from one of the executives of the chines company. Charlene Munilall who is the general manager of Huawei in South Africa said that we are doing the Nexus again this year which makes things a little unclear to understand.

The only thing that we are sure of is that LG is not manufacturing the next Nexus this time which leaves space for other manufacturers to step in.

Conclusion of next Nexus 2016:

The pieces of the puzzle are now starting to fall in place with a lot of leaks and rumors. It is suggested that HTC will be manufacturing the new two sets of Nexus. Both are powerful and one of them is likely to have a 5-inch display which probably won’t lead the charge for a VR future.

The software experience of the sets will be enhanced which initially started by Marshmallow, now the impressions of Nougat are already very good. We still have to wait to see the designs of these new handsets but if HTC is involved we can expect them to reflect the HTC 10 flagship.

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