PS4 New Update 4.00, All You Should Know About It

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The latest update for the beta PS4 version 4.00 is on its way codenamed Shingen it is going to roll out for everyone who is included in the public beta program soon. If you had signed up for this program and were selected for it then be ready and start looking out for an email which includes instructions on how to download it.

Even if you’re not in the beta program, we want everyone to have a glimpse of all the new features of this software. The UI of the system is going to be refreshed, tools are going to be added for the organization, Quick menu will be updated and so much more.

Refreshed UI:

A lot of adjustments and improvements have been made to the main user interface of the PS4. Some of the changes can be noticed right away at a glance like the new backgrounds of the system and a revised What’s New Tab, there are some small changes as well such as the popup notification and redesigned system icons. All of these add up to the more refined and user-friendly UI. The look and overall feel of the interface remain the same it just has a layer of freshly coated paint over it.

Quick Menu:

As we all know that pressing and holding the PS button on the DualShock 4 displays the Quick Menu. We have rebuilt this menu to make it even easier to use. One of the big changes in it is that the menu only covers a portion of the screen now which means that we don’t need to leave the gameplay entirely.

We have also added a lot more things to the Quick Menu, one of which is that we get to have the info displayed to us without having to go back to the home screen. We can also see the status of our friends and also the shortcuts to access our Party quickly also our favorite groups and communities etc. We can also customize the Quick menu by adding and removing the items as we desire.

Share Menu:

We also updated the Share Menu as well, it appears when one press the Share button on the DualShock 4. Just like the Quick Menu, it only covers a small portion of the screen. It also saves the last social network that the user shared video clips and screenshots to also the process of sharing the screenshot and videos is a bit faster and more streamlined. Longer video clips of up to 140 seconds can also be uploaded to twitter now; time for the videos previously was 10 seconds.

Folders and Library Organization:

One of the requests we get the most is for more options on the Ps4 to organize the content. With this new update, we are now adding a new functionality which allows the users to create folders on the Ps4’s content Launcher and Library. With this user can collect their favorite games and select applications in one quick and easy access. Some pretty big changes are also being done with the library. A new tab is now being added called as the Purchased which will show all the item which you own like the games, demos, applications and beta’s you have participated in etc. As a result of this, the Games and other Applications tab will now focus primarily on the content currently installed on the system. This would be help in de-cluttering your library and making it faster to find the stuff you are looking for. Some new tools; sorting tools have also been added to the library which will help to sort the content by the date of its purchase, installed status and another search for specific games and apps through the text input.

Trophy Improvements:

This new update also brings the functionality to view the Trophy offline. A new ‘offline mode’ option will now be available if the system is unable to connect to the internet which will let the user view their entire trophy collection without being connected to the internet.

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