PS4.5 and Sony’s up Gradation: all you should know about it

PS4.5 and Sony’s up Gradation(Credits: Getty Images)

According to the latest news, Sony is going to break the news about company’s upgrading on PlayStation 4 in the coming month. This news will be announced at the New York on 7th September 2016. This news has been confirmed by the French gaming website.

Here comes something that we did not see before, something what Sony never did before. It is an original styled the PlayStataion 4.5. His code would be NEO, simply. It is more than refreshment of the mid-generation console hardware. If we look back, we can see that previous PlayStations had the PSOne fresh ( the firstPlay Station). Then, a few years after the first one, PS2 and PS3 came out both with the slim versions.

Now, Sony is making news in upgrading its hardware. For a change, this is a significant upgrade of hardware , better than just slimming down the console and using some more power components.

It will be, actually, the first 4K console, made by Sony, but if you need more information and details, they are very rare. One example for this is that we don’t know the replacement date of this newbie. Sony is not giving any announcements about the date of the releasement, but there is some non-confirmed information that we can expect it to arrive in the first months of 2017.

We still don’t know for the time when the new console is going to be presented in public. We supposed that it would be presented during the Paris Games Week in this year, but there are some stories that it will be presented at the Tokyo Game Show. We are still not clearly with how will the games will be functional with the system. Is there going to be some kind of upgrading of this program? Can we use our existing PS4 games if we want to enjoy them in 4K resolutions? Sony should not allow that fans feel disappointed, and leave them without answers they are interested to know.

But, good news is that this upgrade is not a replacement. But for the gamers who would like to pay extra and want a taste something else, this is a new option. Mr. Anrew House, a manager from Sony, confirmed that all the upgrades will be active for both versions, PS4 and PlayStation 4.5.

We have confirmation that upgraded into 4K PS4 is already active ,but it will be more expensive than PS4. Mr. Andrew House, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO, gave an interview for the Financial Times in June: “ We will be selling both ( versions) trough the life cycle. All games will support the standard PS4, and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4”. He confirmed that it will be even after the console release. The proclamation came just behind the Microsoft’s Xbox One S, which this producer launched last week. As a One S is not supporting a 4K, a new Xbox will be released next year with 4K resolution support. It means that first two console companies getting inside of a new tournament, while trying to follow the newest tech trends, by upgrading their occasional hardware. Sony is planning to lead and stay the first one for more.

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