Previously Blocked Facebook ads now unblocked

Facebook ads unblocked

Facebook earns its maximum through the advertisements and a threat to this advertising model puts the whole company at risk.

Adblock Plus is software that provides blockage to all the ads and pop-ups that keep on appearing to its more than 100 million users, Facebook is currently in a battle with it wants to move quickly and get past it.

Since last week Facebook has been tracking the blocking software into thinking that these ads were just normal posts so it won’t block them, it made tweaks to its Newsfeed so Adblock and other blocking software no longer worked on the ads spotted.

But Adblock also came up with a solution to it in its response it started drawing on the open source community.

On Thursday the company wrote about it, they said that in this cat and mouse contest, it seems like the mouse has won.

Andrew Bosworth also known as Boz tweeted that this new solution not only blocks the ads but also posts from friends and other pages and that they plan to address this issue. He is the firm’s head of advertising.

Blunt Instrument:

It did not take long for Boz and his team and primarily till the Thursday evening just a few hours after Adblock had made its new solution public, the website started rolling out a new code which meant that the new workaround did not seem to work any longer.

The company said that as blocking companies are punishing people on Facebook as there new workaround not only blocks the ads but also the posts from friends and other pages so we’re disappointed in them.

They also said that they are now focusing on developing such tools with ad preferences which will put the control in people’s hands as Ad blockers are a very blunt instrument.

Initially, all that ad blockers used to do was stop annoying, harmful and pop up ads but Adblock Plus is a comparatively controversial company which is much more than a sophisticated fare. It skims out the pre-roll advertisements on videos and also removes some other non-intrusive ads on the pages.

Particularly, when Google and Facebook both have developed their diverse fortunes on creating targeted ads that actually require a mass amount of data collection and tracking also.

Google and Facebook are free to use only because of this reason and probably will always remain that way, So that money has to come from somewhere and so, for now, it’s coming from advertising.

Adblock’s Whitelist:

Adblock mixes real controversy in its business model, the software doesn’t block ads on all the sites because the company has a whitelist but to on this whitelist the site has to pay Adblock Plus.

Some have been calling it a fraud but the company disagrees with the fact by saying that this plays a vital role in keeping the online advertising in check.

Boz wrote earlier during this week that the Facebook has claimed that they won’t be paying Adblock to get on its Whitelist.

They said that many Adblocking companies have invited us to do this in the past but they won’t be paying any Adblock company to unblock their ads because they are putting the control in people’s hands by updated ad preferences and using other advertising controls.

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