Pregnant Model goes Nude for Photo Shoot (Snaps)

Zainab-pregnant-nude(Credits : Livefmghana)

One of the most renowned models from Sierra Leone had shut the internet down on Friday, July 8th; when she posted a photo spread covered with nude pictorials. Her gorgeous and nearly maternal, pregnancy photo op really made plenty of waves.

Zainab Sheriff, the still picturesque mother-to-be model, singer, and past Big Brother Africa star rival, went on her Instagram to show her followers the various poses she made in her current state, showing how this pregnancy won’t stop her. Many of Instagram photos included captions.

Throughout the captions of her posts, Sheriff understands, women represent the entire life cycle. Women not only originate within them the powers that set the world in motion, they care for and develop the present, as well as all our futures. The unnatural model shows support for the genuine beauty, a body bestows itself as art- if we allow it. With the pregnant female form, if you have the curves to parade – it is, after all, a masterpiece to be shown off, and around; displayed for all depicting a height of womanhood.

We knew you wanted a few extra:


(Credits : Naij)



(Credits : Naij)



(Credits : Naij)

Before Zainab chose to post her exposed pics, she had already announced that she was looking forward to her baby and that the infant would be arriving before she or anyone knew it. Like most mothers-to-be, Sheriff is overjoyed to soon embrace her newborn, to feel the heartbeat, to begin to love a new life.

While most of her Instagram followers were enamored with her bold posts, there was also negativity, which came crashing into her world when many others responded with revulsion claiming that the pictures go against Sierra Leone culture.

She calmly quieted the naysayers with a new post with an explanation to the would-be censors.

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