Pollution on earth Rapidly Increasing

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Pollution on earth Increasing Rapidly

Word Health Organization (WHO) issued a report on Tuesday which revealed many distubing facts. According to report, many areas of the wold have crossed the standard pollution safety limits and the atmosphere has become much more polluted. About 90% of the total world population is living in these polluted conditions. The other 10% is not so satisfying, as people there are also facing pollution problems. The problem of air pollution is particularly threatening in Asia, Africa and states of the Middle East.

Air pollution has become the greatest threat not only to human health but also to animals and plants. Almost 3 million people died due to diseases arising because of outdoor pollution. Strict measures are necessary to control the present environmental conditions.

The report suggests developed countries are taking encouraging measures to decrease air pollution but sufficient measures are not available in underdeveloped and third world countries; however, some improvements have been made in these areas in the last 3 years. WHO set a standard 10 μ/ m³ of air pollution of any area of the world but most areas of the world surpassed the standard limits. The most harmful effects are seen in the South-East Asia, Western Pacific region and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Pollution is caused by human activities and some natural phenomena are also causing an increase in Air pollution level. For example, dust storms in desert areas. Out of 3 million deaths due to air pollution, about 87% occurred in countries with either middle or lower income. The people in these middle to lower income countries make up 82% of the total population of the world. Most of the deaths due to air pollution occurred in South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions. Other regions include Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, America and Eastern Mediterranean region. About 94% of the total deaths recorded during observations were due to non-infectious diseases like cardiovascular diseases, lung cancers and other diseases of the respiratory tract and the deaths in the young children were due to severe respiratory infections. About 85 million people are still suffering from these lifelong diseases. Most of the diseases are primarily caused due to pollution and especially air pollution. The increased level in air pollution has played an important role in most all these deaths and critical diseases.

Authorities and analysts should carefully analyze the current and rising level of air pollution and their impacts on the environment and human beings. The steps to control the effects of pollution produced by the natural phenomena must be taken to effect positively on the health of people facing their effects. The ozone layer has also been badly affected due to the air pollution. Further steps for its protection are also required.

According to Dr. Maria, director of the WHO’s Department of Public Health, Environmental, and Social Determinants of Health, proper solid waste management, renewable sources of energies, reduced industrial emission, transport means which consume less fuel and emit less smoke can help in reducing air pollution. There is a huge gap in what information is observed and what information is reported. This should be corrected. Strict laws, effective measures and feasible structures are the keys to the rise in the air pollution problem.


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