Is Pokémon Go Hack Real or Fake?

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Internationally famous game Pokémon Go is getting millions of players each day. You can find this game everywhere, in all the countries of the world. Players are in millions of numbers. With the increase in popularity and players of the game, players have already so found so many ways to cheat the system. Last week a video was released which showed that now you can actually hack Pokémon Go. There were already rumors about hacking this game but this video just increased the success probability in hacking this game. According to a video released you can use a hardware based solution, using this system you don’t need to go outside for a walk to catch Pokémon. This is all possible while sitting in your room with this amazing hack.

So if you’re addicted Pokémon Go players and you have always craved for hacks to level up in your game, you might want to find about is these hacks are real or fake?

Recent news and videos have been proved that these hacks can rarely be real. But the problem here is that the internet is loaded with so many hacks and ways to cheat and level up your Pokémon, but unfortunately, all these are not true. There is so many information to mislead you because you are so desperate to reach the 30th level or the next level in your game, so you fell prey of this misguided information. So if someone says that they have a mathematical calculation to catch a legendary Pokémon that is not true. There is no mathematical formula to cheat the system. These hacks exist and are only possible if you use a hardware solution. All other information is a lie and is to misguide you.

So what are these real hacks doing? How do you catch that legendary Pokémon without even walking around? You don’t use any software, which enables you to go outside using GPS for the app. This hack was used to work at first but then it got attention from the developer and they blocked this hack. So now you use hardware with this latest method, you place your phone in a box, which is a radio frequency shield box. Then you use a signal generator option to generate signals which are actually fake GPS signals. So you can walk around with fake signals and on your device to catch Pokémon. But this hack is not legal so you should not use it it’s not safe. And sooner or later developers are going to catch this hack as well.

Now for other so many fraud hacks so just have to say that almost 90% of these hacks are fake. Sometimes it can be an app glitch which is caused by any technical issue that is absolutely not a hack. Sometimes this glitch shows a completely different creature to you from the creature which you caught. This means that you are not catching any legendary Pokémon, you are catching the random bird and a technical issue with the game is showing another. This thing has happened with a few players and they have reported this problem. This doesn’t mean that any hack is distributing legendary Pokémon to random players. So you have to be careful before you use any hack, it can be fake most of the times plus it is not recommended for security concerns. You can see, this type of videos are coming in the market.

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