Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold With Kim Kardashian, Amber rose, Chrissy Teigen

Adekunle Gold Kim Kardashian

More widely known by his stage name, Adekunle Gold, Adekunle Kosoko, has made his way into the lives of Kim Kardashian and so many other top celebrities by presenting his talent once more with a number of photos that he’s released.

Yes,the Nigerian has returned- doing what we’ve come to know him most famous for, not performing new hits but rather – photoshopping.

Recently, he has added himself into several photos- even captioning one of Kim Kardashian’s with ‘Got Milf?’ An additional picture even has him snuggling closely with the prominent Kim K. Although Kim might not enjoy the comment, as most women don’t like to be referred to as old.

And Adekunle didn’t put the brakes his edits there- he even joined American model Chrissy Teigen in several seemingly intimate pics as well. Teigan, who had even been breastfeeding her baby girl, Luna, at the time may not be so pleased to see the photos.
Adekunle Gold Chrissy Teigen
He’s even comfortably sat himself down with Amber Rose in several pictures.

Adekunle Gold Amber rose
With the graphic designer’s abilities, Gold has long been considered a kind of joke when it comes to photoshopping himself into the very unique and personal lives of celebrities that he admires.

While Gold’s technique may look very realistic and show much editing talent- the stars he’s joined may not be too happy about what he’s done. And as aspiring singing talent, this just may hurt his career in the long run. So, at least he sounds good when sings!

However, he might just benefit from these as they show off to millions his skill at graphic design.

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Although, there’s also a chance that one day the next would be star might join him in their own photos once he becomes successful!

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