Has Niantic started banning cheaters on Pokémon GO permanently?

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The most popular game during these days Pokémon GO is made by Niantic, it is starting to ban people permanently who are cheating on the game. The people who will not follow the rules and terms of service of the game will now be banned permanently from the game.

The Verge acclaims that all kinds of cheating will be ended and the bans different in kinds. Those players who use GPS spoofing software’s and other techniques will not be allowed to play Pokémon GO ever again whereas if the player is playing the game exceeding the limits and rules of Niantic they shall also be banned.

As the GPS spoofing software’s lets the user to fake its location and travel different areas of the world to catch rare Pokémon’s while sitting at home so they are deceiving the game into thinking that they are in a specific area which they are not Some players also use bots to control restricted parts of the games as well.

A lot of players have been using bots to cheat on the game but now Niantic has filed legal actions against those bots creators who help other people to cheat also. These cheats consist of helping other players to move around without actually moving also claiming a whole Pokestop with all the rare Pokémon there these cheats also helps to hatch an egg really quickly.

Niantic is very serious about it now and wrote a note about all such activities on its website. They have also specified that all the people who will be using cheats will be banned permanently. According to International Business Times, they have already started banning cheaters. People on Reddit are already claiming that they got banned from Pokémon GO because of cheating because it is totally unfair for the people who are playing fairly. Niantic wants to give its fans a fair play game full of fun and to make it available for everyone out there and so they will continue to ban cheaters and improve the quality of their anti-cheat system of the game. They will end all the systems and software’s which help people in cheating in the game.

The cheaters on Pokémon GO continue to increase rapidly as the game continues to break records and remain a hit even a long time after its release. But these fraudsters should not start to count days before they are banned permanently from the game because Niantic has said that it has already started banning all the cheaters who are caught doing such activities.

It is also reported by Manila Shaker that Niantic has already started banning the accounts of players who are found to be using cheats and other third party apps to help them catch rare and strong Pokémon without a sweat. The developers of the game have confirmed that the cheaters and other fraudsters will now be banned through the new Submit an Appeal form which is present in the FAQ section on its official website.

Niantic has claimed that by using these third party software’s and emulators also faking locations using the GPS spoofing methods are considered to be illegal. The company has emphasized that all such unlawful activities violate the rules and terms of service of the game Pokémon GO.

With all such statements, it is now very clear that Niantic is very serious is banning these cheaters on Pokémon GO. The developers of the game have also acclaimed that these third party apps and unauthorized apps affect the Pokémon GO servers very significantly.

The notification that will come to the player who is found cheating will be that “Your account was permanently terminated for violations of the Pokémon GO Terms of Service as the developer of the game stated. Also, this includes the faking of your location, using emulators, modified and unauthorized software’s and accessing Pokémon GO clients also backend in an unofficial manner including the use of third-party software.

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