New Generation Could Lose Their Virginity To Sex Robots

Sex-Robots(Credits : Gistmania)

So here we go again, sex dolls that creep everyone out are in the news again. They scare me, they scare you and it’s simply too much. Why would anyone do that, stop it, stop it now.

That said a lecturer and professor from Sheffield University has said that he thinks the future teens of our era will be losing their virginity to these sex robots. No one wants to admit that in a game of “Never have I ever”. Jesus hell!!!

Speaking during a festival in Cheltenham, professor Noel Sharkey stated sex dolls could indeed have limited but very real damaging consequences for the future of society, as reported by The Mirror.

He said: “Sex robots are accessible now and certainly (will be common) within the next 10 years.”

I think there will be an age limit. Certainly there should be, but if your dad or mum had one, you could sneak in and use it.

Um, sneak in and use a sex robot that your dad had already used??? WHAT???!!!

He added: “It’s not a problem having sex with a machine. But what if it’s your first time – your first relationship? What do you think of the opposite sex then? What do you think a man or a woman is?

“It will get in the way of real life, stopping people forming relationships with normal people.”

I guess this is one if those things that we will see as crazy but one 13 year old lad will do.

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