The New 3DS Nintendo Direct to Introduce This Coming Week

New 3DS Ninetendo(Credits : Youtube)

Those New 3DS Nintendo fans anywhere are excitedly waits for the briefing, thinking that the company might also reveal their plans regarding the new NX console. The internet craze was quite wide; that results in the Nintendo’s representatives to give an official statement to make things clear out that no NX console announcement will be made during the broadcast and discourages the fans from pursuing the matter further.

The said event will be focusing precisely on the 3DS console and new 3DS games. There are no specific details on what are they going to discuss in the said broadcast, but perhaps we can also assume that there’s going to be some hints for the upcoming 3DS games.

Here are some of the high-profile games that they planned to release which includes; Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice (September 8), Sonic Boom:

Following the release of the new Galaxy-style 3DS, we can also expect to hear more about the new versions of the beloved console. Are there any hints to be discussed regarding limited varieties of colors with the Galaxy as if they’re are with the original 3DS console? Can we also conclude that the improved hardware would be the stepping stone towards improving the software? And what are the other news about Nintendo that they can share with its users?

We eagerly excited on Thursday’s presentation and hoping to get the mysteries around to debunk finally.

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