N1.5 Billion Recovered From the Farmlands by FG

Yakubu DogaraYakubu Dogara is a Nigerian politician who has been Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria since 2015.

Nigeria’s crackdown continues to turn the tide on corruption effectively. It seems that daily another politician’s offenses are exposed, and in no time the federal government will be free of most of its troubles.

Recently, however, Yakubu Dogara, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, uncovered upsetting information concerning the enduring battle over graft.

Dogara told correspondents that money, which has been escalating into billions of naira (N), was reclaimed; it had been planted in farms around Abuja, the capitol.

However, the vocal politician remained quiet about the exact total that was unearthed, although, Dogara did state that he had been notified that approximately N1.5 billion had been excavated.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives was in disbelief at the amount of vice Nigeria has endured through, particularly during the previous government.

He quickly rejected the opposition party’s allegations that the battle over graft is in any way targeting their party for strictly political purposes.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) maintained control over the government for nearly 20 years. In that time, if the battle had begun, a significant group had tended to embezzle resources, and most were from the PDP.

Although, Dogara acknowledges realistically that there are also those in the All Progressives Congress (APC) that weren’t angels and used monies in their own course campaigns.

He, however, had said there was no evidence yet to prove that government officials at the time transferred money to the APC campaign, stressing that the bulk of the money that was received by the PDP.

Still, Dogara made it clear that there is a lack of support on whether the politicians had shifted monies to any APC campaigns at the time. He emphasized that most had been accepted by the opposition party.

Previously, President Buhari has publicly stated that his administration will drop the hammer on anyone who tries to stall or avoid the continuing battle. Buhari had issued the admonition while ordering a break of Ramadan event at the Presidential Villa for Internal Displaced Persons and the physically challenged.

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