Microsoft: Windows 10 Anniversary updates are here

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So much awaited Windows 10 anniversary updates by Microsoft are here.  Together with all the current arguments connected with Windows 10, it is easy to fail to remember that it is a very capable operating system.

It also makes a big step onward yesterday with the introduction ‘Threshold 2’, Microsoft’s major Windows 10 till (all 4GB of it). Inside are some useful changes plus some very helpful hidden features you are about to read about now…

A feature called “Find My Device.”

Microsoft has decided not to emphasize one of the best features of Threshold 2: ‘find my device.’ Like most of the OSes, you can now see your PC’s last found position, but it needs to be permitted by default: Settings > Update & Security > Find My Device

A possibility of Bigger Start Menu

The Start Menu came back in Windows 10, but with Threshold 2 it is more elastic.  The users of the system can now insert the fourth article of medium-sized strips by going to: Settings > Personalization > Start > Show more tiles.

New Skype Apps will be presented

Threshold 2 is installing Messaging, Phone, and Skype Video applications by defaulting which may irritate non-Skype users, but these are in fact trivial practical apps. Again they are unseen by default (as early releases I think Microsoft is keeping them out of view for the mass market) but can be found in the app catalog or by using Cortana. It must be tried.
With all the current disagreements around Windows 10, sometimes we manage to forget that it is a quite promising operating system.
 It is also taking a big step onward yesterday with the release of ‘Threshold 2’,  Which is the Microsoft’s major Windows 10 update so far (all 4GB of it). There are also some useful changes and updates.

More Improved Windows Snap

One of the easiest and much-copied possibilities of Windows 7 introduced, it gave the capability to snap windows to the halves of the screen by only taking them to the edge.
Windows 8 then enhanced on this with Modern UI apps which mechanically resize to fill the outstanding space when one snapped window was taken away. Now Threshold 2 takes this feature to Windows 10 for all types of window – just shift your cursor between two snapped windows to get the new slider alternative.

Cortana is Getting Chatty

Cortana is still improving month-on-month and with Threshold 2 there are now settings which are added to supply you with announcements for missed calls also with the ability to answer back to SMS messages just from the desktop – something akin to the function given by Apple Continuity on its iOS/Mac OS and also Pushbullet Windows/Chrome OS/Android.
 The problem is this function only works if you have a Windows Phone – and for now it stays as a big ‘if’.

Windows 10 is Getting Chromecast-ish

The possibility with wireless flowing normal Miracast is a much not valued capability in Windows 10, but it will get more adore now thanks to Threshold 2. A new Miracast icon will come into view in audio, photo, and video applications when on the similar network as Miracast. As fresh as this feature is, though, a) well-matched devices stay comparatively few and far between and

b) You need to use the Edge browser.

Both of the conditions explain why Microsoft has given it a small profile for now.

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