Meet 18-year-old prostitute whose customers are many police officers

18-year-old-prostitute-Celeste-Guap(Photo: SFexaminer)

Celeste Guap, a now 18-year-old American prostitute, has just come forward revealing who she addresses which 32 police officers she had serviced sexually, as well as why she chose to disclose the secret she had kept for so long.



18-year old Celeste Guap taking a selfie wearing a salacious ‘professional’ outfit.

Guap has reignited her presence with local police initiating an inquiry about seven police departments in the California bay area. To make matters worse, she had had sex with not one but several cops well below the age of consent. This choice to make the disclosure has already lead to three chiefs in the region to step down, and one was found to have died of suicide, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Although many cops had already resigned, Guap revealed that some would still demand her services.
Furthermore, Ms. Guap admitted that of the over thirty that she’s serviced, just three even spent money. Despite this, the young prostitute maintained the rendezvous as had been sharing details with her. Recently, in a meeting with ABC 7 news, Guap admitted she 12 when she had begun prostituting herself, while she was 16 she had her first tryst with a police officer.



Her child stands in as she takes a selfie in the mirror
American prostitute Celeste Guap disclosed that she had also serviced three other officers from Oakland and the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department while she had still been underage. Additionally, revealing that she continues the oldest profession- and the officers have severed relations.

Moreover, when she had gone to Puerto Rico for her 18th birthday, she drunkenly found herself in a grizzly area only wearing a bikini. However when she phoned an officer no one answered.

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