Mecca Hajj Stampede: 355 Nigerians Affected, 99 Confirmed Dead


More information has emerged on the recent crowd stampede incident that occurred in Mina, Mecca, where thousands of pilgrims from around the world were wounded and hundreds more dead.

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) on Thursday revealed 355 Nigerians were among those involved in the unfortunate stampede; and that 99 Nigerians are confirmed dead in the deadly mishap.

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The incident occurred on September 24 when pilgrims were on their way to Jamarat Complex to throw stones at Satan. Over 769 pilgrims from around the world died in the stampede and thousands others severely injured.

Commissioner in charge of Information, Research, and Library Service at NAHCON, Dr. Saleh Okenwa, disclosed this to media outlets in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

According to Okenwa, 355 Nigerians were unlucky to be affected by the stampede – out of which 99 died and 42 severely wounded, while another 214 are still missing as at October 7.

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Statistics further revealed 41 out of the injured pilgrims were airlifted by various state pilgrims board to Mecca, while only one went through tour operators. He also said 73 out of the 99 deceased pilgrims went by state pilgrims welfare boards and 26 through private tour operators. And out of the 214 missing persons, 194 of them went through various state’s Muslim welfare boards, and only 20 through commercial tour operators.

Out of the 42 injured pilgrims, 35 have been discharged from hospitals and only seven remain on admission.

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