Martyrdom video prepared by dead suspect of Canada attack

Martyrdom video(Image: Justin Tang/The Canadian Press via AP)

A Canadian man donated his explosive device in a taxi after that he was killed by officers who claim that they prevented the suicide bomb after they found out about it from the FBI on Thursday. This man was banned from associating with extremists of Islamic State and so he prepared a martyrdom video and also was about to commit a serious terrorist attack just before he was killed.

This suicide bomb was planned to be carried out in a public place in an urban center during the rush hours. His name is suspected to be Aaron Driver, age 24, originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba as identified by Deputy Royal Canadian Police Commander Mike Cabana.

The police rushed to identify and locate this suicide bomber who would be wearing a balaclava after getting a tip from the FBI they feared that this person was on the verge of committing a suicide attack in Canada. The Canadian Mounted Police said that this man named Aaron Driver was a Canadian man who was banned from linking with the extremists of Islamic state thus he prepared a martyrdom video and was about to commit a suicide bombing attack was killed on Wednesday in the southern Ontario after donating his explosives in a taxi and was shot by the Canadian police officers.

The Amaq news agency which is the IS group’s media arm claimed on Friday that this man named Driver was a soldier of the Islamic State and as per a posting on the agencies website his only mistake was that he released the video before carrying out the terrorist attack.

The police were given a clue by the FBI at 8:30 in the morning on Wednesday. The authorities had provided a screenshot and a video later of this masked man threatening about the terror attack he was planning to commit so by 11 in the morning the Canadian police had found out who it was. The police intercepted that Driver was the one behind the video and the bomb planning when they saw him entering into a taxi with a backpack, he was actually donating off the explosive device. He injured himself as well as the taxi driver before he was shot by the police and it was unclear how he died whether because of the bullet or the shrapnel as claimed by RCMP Commander Jennifer Strachan.

The Canadian police worked frantically to find out who was behind it after they were given a clue from the FBI. And according to the Canadian police they quickly identified who this person was in this Martyrdom video as he planned to threaten everyone with the attack he had planned within the next 72 hours.

Cabana claims that it was a race against time finding this man so quickly. His video was aired during the news conference in Ottawa in which he was wearing a mask railing against the enemies of Islam, the west and saying that the only solution was the spilling of their blood. Driver pledged his faithfulness to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is the Islamic State leader and threatened an attack against Canada.

Aaron Driver had been pretty famous since the last year; FBI believed that he was a great threat because he could help the terrorist groups. He had expressed support for former terror attacks in Canada in a media interview he also said that he was interested in planning to go to Islamic State and join them. Aaron Driver was not under surveillance all the time as he used to live with his sister in Canada. The police had swooped down on his home right before the taxi had suddenly shown up and Driver had got in.

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