Man selling his cheating Wife stuff on ebay to take revange

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After his wife left him for a man that looks like a TV character- an enraged man sold her things over the internet and made major headlines for doing it.

The former husband, who goes by Calibristeve on eBay, posted loads of clothes, shoes, including a black Smart car even. The cuckold mentioned that he planned on using the profits to finance multiple ladies of the night as well as more than enough whisky to put himself into a blacked-out coma.


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The items had reached a bid of £185 prior to eBay allegedly taking down the ad. Which was most likely removed because of a TOS violation? The 2004 Smart Roadster, however, had earned more than £1,400.

While may seem like an odd prank, the Daily Mail asserts that is has been in contact gotten with the man; and he’s verified the entire ordeal. He claimed it was a very positive way of releasing a lot of pent-up anger venting a lot of anger, very therapeutic. Furthermore, he’s received plenty of encouraging response from groups. One person went as far as to offer to send him a few bottles of Scotch for free.

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(Credits : Odditycentral)

The once disparaged man, who has had regularly sold many cars through his eBay account during the previous year, had originally listed his ex’s car, as “I hate this car nearly as much as I hate my ex who I bought it for.” Although after all the support he received from his prospective buyers- he settled on auctioning the possessions his ex-wife had discarded.

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