Man Pregnant 13 wives at the same time is that possible?

13 pregnant(Credits : India)

At least 13 half-siblings will be coming into the world later this year, as one man with 13 wives has planted his seed in each one of them at around the same time. 

The photo, which has gone viral and been the subject of controversy both as to the morality of such a deed and as to whether or not the man is the father of all of the in-utero children. Posing in the center, the man seems to beaming with pride at the prospect of fathering at least 13 children who will all be born within 3 to 5 weeks of each other.  We say “at least” because it is impossible to tell from the photo if any of the women will be giving birth to twins.

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The image shows 14 very happy adults.  The women do not appear to have any problem with sharing their husband with one another, and in fact there could be an argument made in polygamy’s favor that more wives places less burden on each wife.  With such a large family, the women will be able to watch one another’s babies allowing more freedom for the new mothers when they want to go places and do new things.

Some men may feel envy that this one man has so much pleasure in his life, but any man is free to love as many women as he wishes and this could be an example for others who would love to have a big family and a lot of fun with a lot of women.  Some women may be offended, but the definition of feminism is believing in a woman’s freedom of choice, and having the power to exercise whichever options she wishes.

The most important factor in deciding how you feel about all this is certainly whether the man will be a good father to all 13 children.  Having many brothers and sisters can be a blessing for many, but hopefully each child will get the attention he or she deserves while growing up.  With many mothers, one father will have to work hard to keep everybody happy day after day.  We can only hope for the happiest of endings for this giant family.

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  1. Imran Hussain | July 10, 2016 at 12:06 PM | Reply

    Mr. Jawad, is it true? How Wonderful the news is ? Is not having any jealousy among the wives, inside the house of that lucky man ? How he maintains that market?

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