Man Marries His Beloved Smartphone can you believe it?

man-marries-iphone(Photo: YouTube Screengrab)

Newly married, Aaron Chervenak, a Los Angeles-based artist had traveled to Nevada’s most popular destination, Las Vegas, to finalize his love affair with his smartphone by holding a ceremony. And it’s not a marriage without a ring, so he even bought and presented a wedding band to the device.

Recently, as Kaspersky study observed that one in four admitted that their smartphones were equal to or more important than their own parents. I know from my own experience that it’s there for me all throughout the day until I sleep and when I awake. And we’ve all become attached to it by the seemingly infinite applications it has transformed our lives with. The newlywed imagined that in a way, his smartphone had been his most enduring connection, which called him to make it official and make he and his phone happy.


(Photo: YouTube Screengrab)

However, you can’t just walk into any old chapel and marry a smartphone – so Chervenak made arrangements with The Little Las Vegas Chapel; where nuptials are as fantastic as the participants.

The LA artist claimed he was attempting to ask himself very difficult things of himself, especially what his relationship was and how far he can go.


(Photo: YouTube Screengrab)

On their wedding day, Aaron dressed in his tuxedo and accompanied his bride to be in his purple Cadillac to the chapel to be wedded. While it was a petite service, However, it affected the groom on a very emotional level. He was especially tense while he gave his vows, and sliding the wedding band around his bride-phone.

Although it’s not recognized by law, Chervenak does dream that his ceremony might demonstrate how valued our smartphones have become in our lives, so that perhaps others will ask themselves similarly about their relationships.

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