Man kills His wife and Chops her body into pieces

Man kills His wife

The world lost Cynthia Vechel to a brutal and heinous murder by the hands of her husband Rupesh Kumar Mohanani this past Tuesday, July 5. Not only did this mad heathen chop her body into pieces, but he then proceeded to light her remains on fire, most likely in a fumbling attempt to destroy the evidence of this shameful disaster.

Cynthia VechelThe Congo couple have been living together in Hyderabad since 2012, where Cynthia was a club dancer. Rupesh was caught in the act of pouring gasoline on the bag containing the poor woman’s remains and setting it ablaze by some folks on the outskirts of the city, out in Shamshabad in the Madanpally village.

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The couple were reported to have engaged in a domestic dispute with each other the day prior. Police say that the couple had been having arguments and misunderstanding regarding the state of their finances, since Rupesh Mohanani had recently lost some of his money in the stock market. A jealous fellow, Rupesh was also infuriated at the notion of Cynthia possibly being unfaithful to him based on nothing more than her chatting with male friends via her Facebook account.  The 36 years of age business man “throttled her neck” and drove away with her remains after chopping her to pieces using a knife, an axe and a hammer, according to deputy commissioner Sunpreet Singh.


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Mohanani met Vechel in 2006 in Congo after he moved there in 1999 to work as a salesman in a department store.  She danced at the venue where he would often go to be entertained. They fell in love and eventually married in 2008, then moved to India in 2012. The saddest victim in this tragedy is their 8 year old daughter, who has lost her mother to the brutal murder and will likely have no father either once he is incarcerated for his viscious and malicious actions.

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