Lionel Messi To Serve Nearly 2 Years In Detention Center

Messi Miss Penalty Kick

Recently, Lionel Messi was penalized with a nearly 2-year term for defrauding the authorities of due taxes.

Not only that, they set aside a cell for Jorge Messi, Lionel’s father, as he had been sentenced to imprisonment as well for faulting payment of €4.1m in tax during the years 2007 and 2009.

Despite these charges, the father and son are not expected to spend any time at all locked up- because of the penal structure of Spain.

Sentences less than 24 months in Spain, which to most of us is simply referred to as 2 years, are typically carried out through probation, which means the Messi will inevitably be able to maintain their careers as usual.

While in actuality with the halted ruling awarded to Javier Mascherano, there was no doubt that Messi would ever actually go to jail, and everyone understood that.

Multiple members of La Liga have also come under the watchful eye of the authorities with their own shady efforts to get out of paying taxes.  Even Real Madrid star players have been indicted on similar charges in their dealings with the government of Spain, and they’ve tried to evade the misfortune Messi has been dragged because of his elevated status.

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Following an exhaustively bad summer season on the tails of the finals at Copa America, at any rate, Messi can confidently relax, understanding that he’s well versed as playing the courts good as playing defense.

Messi Miss Penalty

Since then, Barcelona has issued a pro-player announcement to encourage both Lionel and Jorge Messi – which might sound outrageous, but the organization chose to make it perfectly obvious that they are offering him full support.

When it pays to be the greatest player, it seems you don’t necessarily have to pay.

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