It’s Been Leaked! Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Shows Skin In Three Color Choices!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung, we meet again, yes, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has had its secrets discovered not once, not twice, but more than a few times – yet each up to the minute drawing still continues to excite fans and heighten enthusiasm in anticipation of the life-size unveiling.

Corresponding to the most recent designs appears rather legitimate; the phone-tablet hybrid is to be offered in three colors: blue, gold, and silver. The latest pictorials present the first views of the device’s sides; all the previous leaks had only shown pictures of the front and back.

You’ll be happy to learn that Samsung has opted to grace the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with sporty curves on not only the back but the front as well. Samsung’s design experts decided to give a contrast in color by defining the metal rim on the side and the central body of the phablet. We think the most stunning combo is the pairing of blue with gold rim- however, that’s there are of course other options. Fans of Samsung had only just received another delight when the Blue Coral style had leaked; showing the upcoming device along with Samsung’s special stylus pen.

A significant change from other, prior discoveries is that the older versions had the phone’s name inscribed on the backing; it seems this feature has been removed from the design, although, that’s barely even an issue. You might remember the Galaxy Note 5 didn’t have a full model name either, merely the brand name. Which is good evidence that these images are related to later devices in development than any we’ve previously come across?

As determined by the latest tech reveals – earlier buzz seems to hold water. We’re more than ever talking about Samsung’s protected “edge” bendable screen- the leak shows leaning screen sides, in addition to two holes just next to the earpiece. The pair of holes is meant to accommodate an element for biometric iris scanning. This type of feature will enhance protections applied by South Korean phone maker since fingerprint recognitions has become a standard.

Additionally, the designs affirm that the S Pen stylus will complement the color the chassis and side of the phablet. It’s more than highly likely that S Pen is going to be prominently featured at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 launch this year, as we’ve learned from numerous teases that have been made by various media channels. Many were even so daring as to declare that the upcoming Galaxy Note 7’s S Pen will be able to work underwater! We’ll have to wait and see about that.

With the launch of Galaxy Note 7, there are other aspects to hope and wait for aside from the incredibly handy S Pen. Samsung plans to equip the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a base storage of 64 GB which will operate right alongside an included microSD expansion slot.

While keeping a close watch on the specifics of the new device, Samsung has acknowledged that the Galaxy Note 7 will be released on Tuesday, August 2nd.

How excited are you about the newly designed phablet being launched by Samsung? Share what you’d like to see in the upcoming phone in the comments section, perhaps someone will inspire you.

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